What we do


Every parent knows that the most important thing to every family is the health of their children. When a child is seriously ill or injured, parents should be able to put all their time and resources into helping their child heal. That’s the simple philosophy behind Ronald McDonald Houses. Many families travel long distances and spend a great deal of time away from home in search of the best possible medical care for their children. They shouldn’t have to worry about where they will stay, what they will eat and how they will pay for these extra expenses.

The Ronald McDonald House Charities operate in more than 74 countries and regions. As of 2020 there are 377 Ronald McDonald Houses, 262 Ronald McDonald House Family Rooms and 51 Ronald McDonald Care Mobiles. While the specific amenities provided in each of these vary slightly from location to location, they all provide families with increased resources to provide for their children in times of need.

Ronald McDonald Houses provide a space where families can eat home-cooked meals and enjoy private bedrooms so they can stay near their hospitalized child for the duration of their medical treatment. Ronald McDonald Family Rooms provide an area inside the hospital that often includes showers, a small kitchen, internet access, television, laundry facilities and more which allows the family to remain at the hospital so they can communicate with doctors more easily and so their child never feels isolated. Ronald McDonald Care Mobiles are high-tech vehicles which can go into remote areas and provide health care, whether it be eye exams or vaccinations, to underserved communities.

RMHC also provides grants to organizations like the American Academy of Pediatrics, Inc. and the National Children’s Alliance which work to advance the quality of children’s healthcare around the world. Chapters within the United States also award U.S. Scholarships to help students achieve their dream of attending college.

Since 1974, the 305,000 volunteers and staff members of RMHC, our partners in the medical community and private sector and our generous donors have been helping to meet these needs each day. We’re proud to assist families and children in their time of need so they can stay close to each other and the healthcare resources they need to heal. You can find more information about the Ronald McDonald House Charities here.