Happy National French Fry Day from RMHC Tulsa!

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The RMHC of Tulsa wishes you a happy “National French Fry Day,” which is celebrated annually on July 13.  Continue reading, and you’ll soon discover that every day is a “French Fry Day” at the Ronald McDonald House of Tulsa.

Whether you call them “French fries” or “chips,” this scrumptious potato treat is loved around the world!  My husband and I had the good fortune of traveling to Europe recently.  Not only are fries called “chips” in Europe, but you’re also offered a different selection of condiments.  While ketchup and ranch dressing may be common condiments in Oklahoma, in Europe you’ll likely be offered vinegar or mayonnaise with your chips.  Some people enjoy extra crispy fries; I snatch up the soggy ones!  Fries also come in an assortment of fun shapes: curly, waffle, crinkle, wedge, extra skinny, spiral, and so on.  Sweet potato fries are growing in popularity, too.

Regardless of your preferred type of fry, join the RMHC of Tulsa in observing National French Fry Day on Thursday, July 13 by sharing some fries with your family and friends.  Grab your favorite dipping sauce, and enjoy your fries seasoned, cut and shaped however you like them.  (My favorite fry condiment happens to be a chocolate shake, and my husband really likes Sriracha ketchup.  What’s your condiment of choice?)

Even better, ordering your fries at your nearest McDonald’s directly supports the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Tulsa!  For each pound of fries sold through a local McDonald’s partner, RMHC of Tulsa receives a penny through the Fry Fund – and that’s not just limited to purchasing their world-famous fries on July 13, that’s any day of the year!  McDonald’s owners in Tulsa and across northeastern Oklahoma have raised over $14,000 for Tulsa’s Ronald McDonald House since the Fry Fund began in 2015.  We are grateful for the support of our local McDonald’s and at all levels of the company; the financial contributions from McDonald’s make the RMHC of Tulsa’s mission of “keeping families close” a reality.

Now go order those salty finger-licking McDonald’s fries!  While you’re at it, you can spread a few laughs with these fry jokes, which are sure to put you in the mood to munch on some fries.

Q:  Why did the French fry win the race?

A:  Because it was fast food!


Q:  What’s a potato’s motto?

A:  If at first you don’t succeed, fry, fry again!


Q:  What do you call a nice French fry?

A:  A sweet potato!


Contributed by Sara Rogers, RMHC Board of Directors